Monday, 20 November 2017

Mark Zuckerberg Instant article for Blogger

Activation of instant article is not a rocket science  it is very easy to use and activate.i am using blogger so in this article i am going to show you how to use blogger for Facebook instant article.
you can also earn from Facebook instant article means convert your passion into your let's get start.

Requirements : only one a Facebook fan page.

so first go and create your Facebook page then read this article this may be helpful for people who using blogger.

Step 1.

Go to google and type Facebook instant article

Step 2.

Then click on the first link you also visit directly from this link

now you see this type of interface.

Step 3.

Click on signup button now use your Facebook ID and log into instant article.Now scroll down and select your Facebook page click on access instant article tool then press continue.

Step 4.

Now you need to complete all this steps

i) connect your site or blogger website.
ii) submit for review

lets start real game how to connect your site scroll down and follow this steps.

Step 5.

scroll down the page then go on Tools here you see an option connect your site click on that then you see an implementation code like this.

Step 6.

Copy this code and past this code below the head section of your template see below

Then click on edit html button click in the template and press ctrl+f an find the <head> see below
press save them and the go back to the instant article.

paste your website link with .com domain as well as .in if any other then please enter other.

click on claim url now your site is attached to the instant article.

Now the most important step is to fetch your blogger articles into your production articles. Please follow this step carefully.

Step 7.

Go to the google and type feed burner press enter.
i) click on first link
ii) past your website url in box
iii) click to check on the box I am a podcaster! then press next
iv) click on II option RSS then press next and then press next again
v) then click on the link which was created by feed burner it was open in new tab see below.

Step 8.

Now last and final step copy your site feed address which was earlier open in new tab.and past it into production Rss feed click save its finish go and setup your audience network like adsense fill your bank account detail then click on submit for review.
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