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What is broken link in blogger|solution of broken link|

How to fix Broken link of your website with the help of google search console.broken links make your website sick.

What is broken link in blogger|How to fix broken link|

Broken links know as dead links of your website or blog it is made if  you delete your post but its link
is present on the internet on the google search engine.broken links makes your website sick if you not fix this problem early then it makes bad effect on your website

broken links to bad for your users experience  if your visitor come on your website and see this type of error 404 page not found then it may impact on your user experience you can fix this bye using 301 page.

How to Remove Broken Links

there are many websites and plugins available to fix or detect broken links  you can check on the google but here i am going teach you how to fix broken links in blogger 

Step 1.

Go to the google search console where you previously submitted your website sitemap

Step 2.

click on your property link over left menu click on crawl  then click on crawl error 
here you found all of your broken links which is completely useless

Step 3.
here you see two options 

I.server Error
II.Not found (broken links)

click on not found here you see all broken links of your web page now you need to contact to google to remove this broken links.

in my case i have 3 broken links now we fix it 

Step 4.

click on broken link and copy that link and mark as read now here you have two options fetch as a google and remove this link to google.

if you dont know how to use fetch as google tool click here( use this when your post is present but its link is change or dead )

here we use second method to non index this links 

Step  5.
click on the left menu called google index then click on remove urls

I. click on temporary hide 
II.paste your URL on submit request

Thats all you removed your broken link now 

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