Monday, 1 January 2018

Time To celebrate This january India launching 31 satellites.

On January 10 India decided to launch 31 satellite.This project is being very valuable for Indians, after all, we have also launched 104 satellite.

india is launching 31 satellite on January 10

 Time To Celebrate This January India launching 31 satellites.

india decided to launch 31 satellite from Andhra Pradesh shree hari kota  with 31 satellites India also launches its own satellite called cartosat.

The of the launch of these 31 satellites is according to our research is 9.30 Am.all 28 satellites from America and rest all from other countries.

at the beginning of 2018, this is India's first launch of this year the all polar satellites are launching with the help of PSLV-C 440 rocket.

in this launch, India also launches its cartosat 2 with one nano and one microsatellite also launches.
cartosat is designed for to collect data of traffic and roadside area.

this is time for India to be a part of space research try to explore the vast universe this small step may make the good print on the other countries.

Now india gots lots of launch projects as compared to space x the company of alon musk. 

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