Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Apple Finally Revels the Reason of Slowing Down of Old iPhones

Apple was doing this for a long time, without informing us.

 In past weeks if you have seen lagging and slowing down of your iPhones more precisely in older iPhones then Apple has admitted that its latest upgrades are the main reason for this.

Two days ago Apple admitted that its upgrades are designed to slow down the clocking speed of your smartphones. But, with this Apple also provided a reason i.e. as said "The older iPhones are not able to work properly with latest upgrades due to the aging of batteries and if someone tries to do heavy work like playing heavy games the phone shuts down. Due to this Apple comes with an upgrade that slows down the phone to avoid the sudden shut down of batteries."

But this upgrade changed into a viral issue and trouble for Apple. As Apple didn't tell about this feature when coming with this upgrade many people claimed that Apple slowing down the phone people upgrade their handsets into a new one.

All this was started with Reddit's post and end with the confession of Google.

Initiation of This Issue

All this started a post on Reddit. 
A few weeks ago many users were complaining of sudden shut down of iPhones while performing any hard task i.e. peek current demand. For this reason, Apple released an update 10.2.1. This stops the issue of the sudden shutdown. But eventually, this makes users phone to work slow.

For this reason, people put a new issue that their phone has been slowed down due to the new update. All this become fire in the forest and people claimed that Apple is slowing down their phone. For all this, Apple admitted that this new update was designed to perform old iPhones in hard situations.

In the last, what Apple did, wasn't good but its fault is only because it didn't tell about this new update, but saying this that Apple did all this for its own benefit is totally wrong. Its just a rumor and only a few updates were occurred to remove shut down the problem.

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