Wednesday, 1 February 2017

SEO your website (How To Rank up Your website)

Rank up your website(SEO)

Hy gys this is swapnil I hope you all read all of my post I am posting on tech knowledge every day to day with some real money making gys now we learn about very important topic to rank up yourwebsite in a simple language we called SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation Means optimize your website on any search engine example. Google,yahoo,Bing.may be other as well

Types of SEO

  • On page SEO
  • off page SEO
OK first let's talk about on page SEO In an on page SEO include

heading,page title,heading 2,and most important post.

So now question is what title is best for SEO . The answer is use most popular topics of all times in search . You can use the best tool provided by google known as

google keyword planer

. You can easily search your topics

Off page SEO

Off page SEO include meta tags descriptions,linking back linking. The best way of Ok now we are now on main topic know as back link

What is Back link

Back link is how many websites is pointing to your website this is most important and effective methode So I hope you all understand what is SEO if you have any query please comment your feedback is important Thanks.

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