Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Time Travel

How To Travel in a time

hi gys this is swapnil today I am come with a very interesting topic know as is travel in a time is possible. According to einstine it is possible even today's mathematics equation also proved that.Now the question is how to travel in a time.we know that three types of time present known as.
  • past
  • present
  • future
We are live in our present so don't need to think to travel in present . Travelling in past is not possible According to modern science because of grandfather paradox according to this paradox if we travel in a past to meet our grandfather and by some way we kill him.so now the question is you never born in future this is nonsense this is known as grandfather paradox. OK now future to travel in a future is possible According to Einstein we can travell in a future if travel with a speed of light.then if we travell with a speed of light then your time is different to others time. travelling with a speed of light is possible. Currently gys it is not possible I hope you all understand about the value of lime thanks for.visiting on globaltecgzz and I have question for you .if you have a chance to travel in a past than which mistake you are gonna correct. Please comment on the above question your feedback is important

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