Monday, 20 February 2017

Top five websites were you can make money

Top five money making websites

How to make money online .I think many many of internet freaks search day two day how to make money online .
But the problem is how how to make a real money online.yes gys you can make real money online.
Many people work as a freelancer.and try to make some extra income.
In this article we gonna talk about some money making tips.
Here is the websites where you can earn money.

Captcha solving is not new in this time I think many of the viewers know about this.friends many of people work on captcha and they make very good amount of money like 25 $ every day 
This is the average.
But the main problem is about how fast you can type captcha and how much is your internet speed because if you are not able to solve captcha in 15 seconds then may be you are not fit for this jobe.
Because if you have good speed then no problem to earn 25$ per day .

Here the list of top five captcha solving websites.

  1. Mega typer
  2. 2captcha
  3. Kolotibablo
  4. Captcha typers 
  5. Captcha 2 cash

Personally I suggest you gys if you want to earn money then go on mega typers it is good platform to earn money .
It is good for students who want to earn money online.
Gys frankly every jobe wants some steuggle and struggle makes men to achive there goals .
There are many thing i want to share with you gys so please keep visiting on my blog here we disscuse some more money making tips.
 dont  worry  gys your payment is secure the payment threshold on mega typer is very easy you can transfer your payment once in a week on Monday 5 pm .
You can also convert your money into bit coins.
And you can also transfer your payment in your PayPal account so keep working and forget about money.


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