Friday, 23 June 2017

Google Google Submit me hey, guys, I am Swapnil today I come here with a new SEO tip and trick this trick is based on how to index your website post URL in Google search engine.
Guys if you are master in post writing and you don't have any basic knowledge of SEO then this is bad news for you and your website because no one visit to your website  know heard work deserves better results but smart work deserves good understanding so if you mix hard work with smart work then nothing can stop you.
if you decide to become a something then nothing can stop you  I thought this lines may not encourage you ok let's come on our main topic how to index your post at lightning speed in the search engine this idea may be more helpful in Google search engine.
you know Google is the most popular search engine forever and first choice of every people so indexing of URL of your post is most important in Google search engine.

Follow this steps to submit your particular URL in Google search engine.

Type in Google submit to Google 

just click on the first link  and wait for the opening of the website

just copy your post URL and paste it in the given box

click on I am not a robot and click on submit button 

do the same thing to all of your website url if you have a sitemap then you can also submit your sitemap url here google bot visit to your link if they found your link is comfortable for the system then they index your url in search engine same thing repeat to Being Yahoo and Yandex this are upgrowing search engines please do not look on spelling just understood what i am saying

guys, I hope these articles are helpful for you and you all are able to understand what was i am trying to say.
nothing looks easy nothing looks difficult everything depends on your thinking.

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