Thursday, 13 July 2017

TAILS- Anonymous OS

Now Deep Web searches have been increased exponentially. Not only hackers and big firms but many single individuals use this phase of the internet. So privacy and security become the first priority. That's why Tor comes with its own operating system called TEILS. It really makes you invincible.

Tor Project

The idea behind Tor "onion routing" was introduced and started by US naval to protect the communication from any third party. Further, this idea goes viral. And now it covers most part of the total internet.

This is an open project and needs a donation to work like this. But Tor has many resources, it updates its browsers and other tools like Orbot(Tor for Android).

Tor is a best known for its work. It encrypts all your data, bounces all your traffic so no one can see what's going on the internet by your system. Also, it changes your IP like an automatic proxy and disables Java Scripts. There is a lot which Tor do to secure our privacy. It does not allow site get our location.

Tor started with a browser called Tor Browser, and it is open source. Most people who are new with onion routing just know about Tor Browser. But in reality, Tor has progressed a lot. In 2009, Tor comes wit its own operating system called Tails (The  Amnesic Ignition Live System).


In 2009, Tor started a project called Tails. This was founded by Debian, Tor, Mozilla, and Freedom of Press Foundation.

It is a Linux-based operating system. It has almost every tool which needs to browse Onion websites. It also has some tools for Linux as it has been founded by Debian It has GNOME Desktop(Desktop based on Linux).
It has following tools and applications for privacy and onion routing.


  • Network Manager
  • Tor Browser: A web browser based on Mozilla Firefox. It has all features like a normal Tor browser has like protection against JavaScript, HTTPS to all sites, bounce of traffic, IP switching, 
  • uBlock origin for ad blocking.
  • ThunderBid email client with Enigmail for OpenPGP.
  • Liferea feed(news) aggregator.
  • Aircrack-ng for wifi network support and control.
  • Electrum for Bitcoin use.

Privacy and Encryption

  • LUKS and GNOME Disk to install and use the tools via USB drive.
  • MonkeySgn, for OpenPGP key signing.
  • PWGen, a random password generator.
  • KeypassX for manage metadata.
  • GtkHash to calculate checksums.
  • Keyringer.
  • Paparkey.
Still, there are more than this. Also, you can add or download some important tools on your own.
There is an option for language selection when the system is booted.

Tails have some more uniqueness, which made it a total anonymous operating system. If you want to use it then you must have bootable USB or DVD. It cannot install in a machine. Also, you cannot dual boot your machine. It also doesn't support Virtual Machines. 

It is designed for anonymity, so it works in the live environment. You can use it on your machine or in your friend's system. Wherever you want to use it, you just need a bootable Flash Drive or DVD.

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