Thursday, 16 February 2017


What is Hacking

Gain unauthorized access to data in a system called hacking.
There are mainly two types of hacker

  • Black hat hacker
  • White hat hacker
Black hat hacker : they are bad really bad
They hack systems data without host permission for money.
White hat hacker : they are nice one they hack your system data with your permission.

So the question is why hackers are white hat hacker or black hat hacker this all depends on you which one you want to choose if you wanna be black hat hacker then may be your earning is  much more than white hat hacker but your intention is bad .
On the other way white hat hacker can do there work for socialism they expers there selves to the world and talk with people's eye to eye contact .
They do not fear with any thing because they know they are doing right.
But but stop gys one important thing is any white hat hacker in his whole life be wants a black hat hacker .because of lots of money.
I thing money is the nesscity of every one.if I tell about my experience please do not choose black hat hacking because any black hat hacker do not make system fools .
One they punished by our system and may be and rest of his life they spend in
So now the question is how you become a hacker may be many of you many times search on Google
In my words with my personal experience do not join any institute please .
One of the best method of learn about hacking is just first search about contents and then try to research on hacking like YouTube .
I learn lots of hacking techniques on YouTube .
So please please gys do not choose black hat hacking choose right field that makes you become a successful man in life so please keep visit on my blog in my next blog we discusse about methods hacking of website account hacking how to prevent your account from black hat hacker how to prevent your system from any hacker.
Why I post this topic my main motive is
To teach about you gys about hacking my mai motive is to make you a successful person  in life.
So go ahead and learn and search about ethical hacking .
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So please please comment on the below post if you gys want to learn about hacking then please stay tune because next post clear your all doubts about hacking and relate terms about hacking
Thanks for visiting us
And remember be a ethical hacker.

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