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Hy gys this is swapnil now I am come with an brand new post.
I know many of you peoples no about that word called illuminati .for those people who curious about that word please read full post.
In 1776 Adam wise Hoff called a Freemason make an secret organization known as illuminati.
Those people not no about free masons
Freemason are those person who is expert in all type of knowledge.knowledge means any type of knowledge may be how this universe begin and how this will be end.
Many experts say they are followers of satan.
If we lost something then we pray for god they give us good blessings but they only only follow Satan

Many people say this secret organization today's exist and rueld the whol world.
Even whole america.is in under controle of illuminati.I don't want to say this but this is true.the federal reserve bank of america ruled on america .
The baffomat is god of illuminati organization there character is defined as there body is made of lady .there hands made of horse and there head section is like goat.
Many people thought that the whole media is also a part of illuminati organization.
Like lady gaga,Justin biber,Celina gomze.expert's think that they are part of illuminati and they manipulate peoples even many people followed him

Expert also told that in an many terrorist attack they they can do .
Like 9/11.
Triangle and one eye is a simble of illuminati organization the one eye in the middle of triangle shows the eye of Lucifer.called baffomate.
There are many information available on internet so go on Google about illuminati .
And one more thing is important about this organization they give very accurate predictions about future .
Like Simpson cartoon is a full proof evidence of our future .
So go on Google and search more about that

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