Sunday, 12 February 2017

Sell website and make money

Your website make 's you millionaire

Hey gys this is swapnil here I am with a brand new money making tips and tricks .
So the question is how to make some pocket money with doing some extra work.
Now gys may be this will help you To make some money may be you are next millionaire gys this is not a joke it is my previous post may be some of your topics are not so clear but now this article may be usefull .
Gys you know internet in today's world is biggest market place in the world you can buy and sell anything what you want from bus ticket to airplane booking,you can also book hotels,cabs etc.
Many of you I know they are shopping freak they are crazy about shopping and style's.
But you know gys you can also bye or sell a top quality domain yes you can.

May be you are next millionaire and your next famous person on internet
There are many sites bye which you can sold your top quality domain .
Remember top quality means top quality ok some of viewer know about domain and some of don't know about that
So what is domain:
Domain provide an address bye which you can connect with an specific .com .in .org may some other there are many.
So go on go and register your domain name with top quality of domains like .com .org
And sell it on the below websites.
List where you can sold your domain Name:


In this list I will recommend you to choose  trust me this article may be help you to make some great money
Here is the list of top selled domains :

Vacation. Com.    :35M $ dollars      :30.18M $ dollars          :16M $dollars          :11M$dollars            :9.9 M$ dollars

Ok gys now this is the end of this article I think this money making tip may be helpfull for you please do not invest your money in some money trading website because shortcuts never help's
They only give you  a big dont late gi ahead and bye a good quality domain and sell it on the above sites .
And gys one more important thing i am still waiting of your comments please comment on the above article .
Your feedback is important for me .
So please please comment in a next day i am come with a new post


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