Thursday, 29 June 2017

China's New Plan for Renewable Energy After Trail of Qinghai Project for Week

Last week China just broke the previous record of Portugal. Its northern part ran on 100%  renewable energy. This stunt also proved that we do not need to depend on non-renewable energy for our future needs.

From  June 17 to June 23, Qinghai Province the northern part of China just used a renewable source of energy for all its needs. More than 5 million people in Qinghai used this energy, according to Xinhua News Agency.

This was a trial project, which was designed by State Grid Corporation of China. It was basically conducted to show that whole city can run survive on renewable energy without any non-renewable energy.

During this project, electricity use was over 1.1 billion kiloWatt hour (kWh). Which needs 535,000 tons of coal. It used all hydro, solar and wind power. In which, 72.3 percent was the electricity of hydropower and remain was by above two.

Also, it broke the last record of Portugal which ran on 100 percent renewable energy for four continuous days. But all these figures have not verified by State yet, so we have our eye and ear on it.

But they have confirmed that from now Qinghai will run on renewable energy for its basic needs. And this company will grow the use of renewable energy. Also, the company stated that during the trial, there was no fluctuations and week goes smoothly.

 "Being the first trial of this kind in the country and a major step in the transformation of energy supply, it will be of great importance in promoting the use of clean energy in China in a sustainable and effective way", said Quan Shenming the general manager of Qinghai Electric Power Corporation.

They haven't finished yet, Qinghai is now planning to invest more in the project of clean electricity.
According to new reports, this city is planning to expand the dependence on solar and wind energy by 2020 with 35 million megawatts electricity. Also, it will share its new project with east and central China of 110 billion megawatts of electricity every year.

For this project, China will invest 2.5 trillion yuan (US$366 billion) on this project. This is a very major step from this upgrowing country towards our future. Hopefully, other countries will take such large steps from their future needs.

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