Tuesday, 27 June 2017

How to get Real Organic Traffic for your website

There are many methods available on the internet like how to get 10000 to50000 visitors per day how to quickly approve your Google Adsense account and use this software for organic traffic and if you go to download that scammer software then you face next problem called surveys and pop up ads but stop stop stop!!!!!!
don't go anywhere when I am here on this platform we discuss the genuine methods only I think my previous posts may be helpful for you.so boss lets come to the point I think you read the heading of this post yes this is possible you can get tonnes of volumes of visitors on your website just read the full post.

Traffic is the spirit of your website if you don't have your spirit then your body looks like a zombie or a dead vessel.

I think you all guys know about the traffic exchange or bye traffic exchange for those users who are not able to bye this plan but if you have money and you want to promote your website here then this method are best for you.
one more thing if your application for AdSense approval is rejected many times then this websites may be helpful for you guys

Top three websites where you can bye or Earn Traffic 


one of the famous traffic exchange websites which provides you real organic paid or free traffic from targeted country personally I am used this website in past for AdSense approval but now in this time my account is approved for AdSense.
No need longer one more thing note in your mind don't use this software when you are a partner of Google Adsense because this may be harmful to your AdSense account.
The paid plans of hitleap mention below

10,000Minutes            30,000Hits                                      USD 9
25,000Minutes            75,000Hits                                      USD 21
50,000Minutes            150,000Hits                                    USD 38
100,000Minutes          300,000Hits                                    USD 69
250,000Minutes          750,000Hits                                    USD 170
500,000Minutes          1,500,000Hits                                 USD 329
1,000,000Minutes       3,000,000Hits                                 USD 625

Website Traffic

This planes may be change or update may be in some days


Bighits is one of the best websites for traffic exchange but the plans may be costly but one best thing for this website you can earn traffic from any site no need for any premium membership you can earn minutes and then used to convert in traffic bighits allows to send genuine traffic from Google search engine.
The plans of bighits are mention below you can join from the below banner

Minutes                Price $              Convert to click (Ads time 10 s)
 9000                      5                        54000
20000                    10                       120000
42000                    20                       252000
65000                    30                       390000
118500                  55                       711000
75000                    80                       1050000
235000                  105                     1410000

and the last one is !!!!!!

Increase Website Traffic


10khits is one of the oldest traffic exchange website on the internet this website always stands in traffic exchange competition this one more best thing of this website is you don't need to download any traffic exchange wizard for the action of  traffic exchange this website is smarter then other traffic exchange website I highly recommend you.you can use this website for traffic.

For The planes of 10k hits click on the below banner

Free website traffic to your site!

so, guys, this is my experience may be this idea helpful for you for the approval of Adsense account please comment on this post if you face any problem then please comment below

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