Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Intel Core i9 of Series X has been announced By Intel

On May,30 Intel announced one of its greatest processors to launch. It was Core i9 which contains extraordinary abilities. This launch is totally dedicated to gamers. Because Core 9 contains 18 core and 36 threads.
As gamers now make live streaming videos while playing games so Intel built something for them. This single Silicon chip contains 18 cores and 36 threads. It's way too far from core i7 or i5 processors.

Now everyone wants good graphics to experience, while playing or watching movies. Therefore, this chip has been made. It supports 4k and all kind of multitasking.

I've seen YouTubers have started live streaming recording of high-quality graphic games like GTA5 or COD Ghost. Even though they need to chat with their friends and watchers. For all this purpose they at least need 5 to 6 six threads. Even i5 and i7 are eligible for games like GTA5 but still, you cannot get a better experience. With Intel i9 of X series, you can almost play everything.

This processor upgraded with boost. Means you can run your software with great speed. But yet there is one thing which does not suit every Intel lover. That is its price. It worth $1999 which is a lot for a processor even one can buy a good laptop in this range.

That's why people calling in future chip because today it's too expensive as technology is growing it will be nothing.
Also if you a real game lover then you would probably buy it. After all, it has 18 cores and 36 threads. And AMD got a new challenge to build something better.

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