Saturday, 3 June 2017

Stratolaunch Project for Low Earth Orbit

Stratolaunch, world's biggest plane is almost ready. On Wednesday its initial construction is completed reported the owner of this company, Allen.

This plane is so big, bigger than any other plane on this planet ever existed. It has real wings of the length of 117 meters. Means it can cover a football stadium very easily.
Also, it's height is 15 meter. It weighs 500,000 pounds when unfueled and it can carry 250,000 pounds. Also, it can carry the load with its own and fuel up to 1.3 million pounds.

Stratolaunch is one of the biggest success of Alen industry. But this plane does not carry passengers. Rather something bigger. This plane is built to launch a satellite into low Earth orbit(LEO). This plane has the capability to accomplish multiple launches. Means it can launch multiple satellites in different orbits.

For Allen, it's all about LEO, or low Earth orbit. He, and others, such as Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit, are an action that they can abate the amount of ablution baby satellites to space.

With help of plane, we can launch the satellite in low cost. Also, it can make launches in good frequency. It will reduce all the preparation for launching pad.

This plane has two heads and in between of these heads, a satellite or other payload will be placed. This plane will use normal take off and it will reach to the height of 35,000 feet it will launch the satellite. Once its mission is done is done. It will come back to runway like other normal plans.

"When such access to space is routine, innovation will accelerate in ways beyond what we can currently imagine," said Allen a year ago.

"That's the thing about new platforms: When they become easily available, convenient and affordable, they attract and enable other visionaries and entrepreneurs to realize more new concepts."

This project was started in 2011 and now it has been completed but it needs a couple of years to launch its first roject. Let's wait for 2019.

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