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Jio is Launching The First Free 4G Phone for All Indians

"Today I am delighted to announce, that the Jio phone will be available for all Indians at an effective price of Rs 0."
Announced Mukesh Ambani

On Friday, July 21, 2017, The Owner of Reliance company Mukesh Ambani announced to launch its first 4G phone and it is free for everyone.

This plan is the third step of Mukesh Ambani to bring an end of digital disempowerment and unfairness. It will target all 500 million featured phone users in Indian who cannot afford smartphones and enjoy the internet on the featured phones.

The first two steps were to build data connectivity and affordable data plans for all users including free internet and voice call use. But, this one will help every Indian to connect to the internet.

Actually, the Jio sim is based on 4G and it's free voice call service only supports in VoLTE smartphones. These smartphones are not affordable for most of the Indians. Also, most of the featured phone gives 2G internet speed which has limited and Nero bandwidth. According to Reliance Jio, 2G data cost Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 in a month. On the other hand, the 4G plans of Jio are Rs. 10 in a day with great bandwidth support.

That's why Reliance comes with the idea of a simple 4G phone with all smartphone features which will be affordable to all Indians.

Features of 4G VoLTE Featured Phone

This phone's hardware is unknown yet but we know that is phone supports 4G VoLTE and it works fully on this feature. Also, this has 22 different languages and it can work on voice commands. As it is Jio that's why internet connectivity will be provided.

It already has all Jio apps like My Jio, Jio Music etc. All these apps work on the internet and are very easy to use because they work like play store.

There are some other features that a normal phone have like, Bluetooth connectivity, torch, front and rare cameras, audio speaker, FM Radio, sd card slot, and some more feature phone stuff. It has a display of 2.4 inches and numeric key pad.

 There is an emergency button in this button, i.e. when we press five then it will call our emergency provided contacts. Also, it will send the location of the person.

It has a voice command feature which can work almost every task with voice commands and it understands both Hindi and English languages. This voice feature works for all internet queries.

An app called Mann Ki Baat of PM Modi's Radio show has been installed in this phone, as this is what people search and find over internet and radio.

Jio engineers are working to connect this phone with users bank and UPI accounts. It just needs to update once this software will develop. Also, this phone will link to users Adhar card number.

 Many features are still unknown in this feature, as things will clear we will update this article with more details.

Tariff Plans

All voice calls, messages, and basic internet are free for all Jio users. No one needs to pay a single rupee for calling and SMS service. This feature was first introduced in Jio 4G sim in VoLTE smartphones.

There are data plans which will need to pay a bit. There is a monthly plan which will cost Rs 153 for unlimited access to the internet. The data limits for a day has not been defined in the announcement. But experts said it will give 500 MB of 4G data for a day.

If this seems a lot then Jio has two small offers, which will cost Rs 54 for a week and Rs. 24 for two days. These all packs will have same internet speed with unlimited calling.

One more offer called Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer will provide, it will cost Rs. 309 for a month of recharge. Basically, this is for the people who want to find an alternative to cable TV. This phone has a feature to connect with any TV either smart or normal AV TVs. This plan enables you to watch your favorite shows and program. But there are limits, as this phone will have limits for high-speed internet that's why you may be able to watch yours for 4-5 hours a day. For this feature, you need to buy a hardware and cable which will connect your phone to your TV.

Price and Availability

This phone will go to beta testing on August 15 and its pre booking will start from August 24 of this year. There are still so many things of this thing that have not been revealed yet. 
Also, this phone will be available for customers from September with first come first serve. It may happen you will get your phone in September or in October. Mukesh Ambani has said that he has the target to sell first 5 million phones in September.

Now, let's talk about its price. As it is a product of Reliance Jio that's why they will charge effectively Zero Rupees for this phone. But, while the book or buying the phone you need to pay Rs. 1500 as a security deposit and after use of 36 months you will get your money back. But you need to return your phone to Company again. So, effectively you need to pay nothing. But this is a long period, so think you need to buy this phone for 1500. Still, this phone is more than its cost.

Closing Remarks

This phone is not to switch smartphone users to this phone. Ambani worked on the phone usability in India then comes with this phone. There are 500 million people who use feature phone without or with the 2G internet, this is made for them. Smartphone users can use Jio sim for their internet purpose. 

Before the announcement, Ambani showed some data of internet usability in India. It says that before Jio sim internet use in was around 200 million Giga Bytes that has increased to 1.2 billion Giga bytes. Also, India ranked 55 in the use of internet but after Jio it ranked number 1 for the internet. This is a very dramatic change in the use of internet in India.

With this offer, every Indian will able to access high-speed internet without any issue and without hurting their pocket. Ambani has the motive to sell this phone to 99 percent Indians, this is a very big number. But this offer seems to cover this number. Ambani said it "India ka Smartphone."

This announcement revealed a lot but we still Jio needs to explore more. Let's wait for a month for other surprises.

Watch This Announcement of Jio Phone


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