Friday, 11 August 2017

What Is Warp Drive ISRO vs NASA

Concept of  Warp Drive

warp drive is one of the famous topics in science it enables us to understand the behaviour of space and how can we use our space to go faster than the speed of light.
According to the famous theory of relativity, every thing in the universe which have mass cannot travel at the speed of light because it needs an infinite source of energy of it may also need to destroy its whole mass.
we know that our universe begins with an explosion called the big bang and due to big bang the universe start to expanding with the speed of light and if calculate the size of our universe according to the speed of light then its diameter may be 28 Arab light yrs but according to the modern science our universe much greater than the calculated value it is 98 Arab light yrs.
so that means our universe expands faster than light this is the main reason why scientists are able to think about the concept of warp drive.
This means the barrier of theory relativity does not hold on universe itself That means universe
compress and expand itself with higher speed than light.
Today we only know two ways  by we can travel with the speed of light 
worm holes
warp day

so if we want to travel with the speed of light then we need to do first expand the back side space with the speed of light and in a similar way compress the front side of space with the same speed.

let understand this with the simple example suppose one side of the spring is our earth and on the other side our destination called x star note that spring represents our space and if we want to travel to this star we need to expand its back side and at the same time need to compress the other side of the spring see the below screen shorts.


I think this simple example helps you to understand the concept of warp drive now we ae going to deep in this topic

The concept of negative mass

what is negative mass?negative mass is the speculative thought that issue can exist with the mass of the inverse sign to the customary stuff. Rather than 2 kg, a piece of negative mass would be - 2 kg. No one knows whether negative mass can exist however there have all things considered being a lot of examinations to decide its properties.The property of mass is if we push a mass then it goes away from us but when we push negative mass then it may be attracted towards us.
Now scientists are studying about the concept of negative mass which will use in warp drive engine.

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